Datasets in “state power and elite autonomy in a networked civil society”

The paper State power and elite autonomy in a networked civil society: The board interlocking of Chinese non-profits is published at Social Networks (Open Access, you can get the paper free of charge because we’ve paid for the knowledge we produced). Here are the hand-coded datasets in the paper. You are welcome to use as long as you give appropriate attribution.

All the datasets used in this paper are open to use, review, or replicate. Feel free to send me an email if you need more information.

Hand-Coded 3A+ Foundations (Click to download)
“As a different measure of state influence, we hand-coded the 3A+ foundations, noting whether or not the board president is a current or retired government official. Hand-coding is a difficult and laborious task; because it can be difficult to ascertain the current status of individual, our 3A hand-coding includes both retired and currently-serving government officials, and is thus not directly comparable to the self-reporting set.”

The Chinese NGO Board Interlock Network (Direct you to Simon’s page)
“A dataset for the analysis of civil society in China, through a study of registered NGOs and the networks formed by their overlapping patterns of board membership, and including data on the presence and absence of government officials.”

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  1. Hi, I am also working on Chinese NGOs and the social network analysis. Your paper “State Power and Elite Autonomy in a Networked Civil Society” really inspired me a lot on how to link the SNA with NGO studies in China. And I am really interested in the dataset “The Chinese NGO Board Interlock Network”. I clicked the link and was directed to Simon’s page, but it turns to a brief introduction (the same as what’s shown on your website) to this dataset without further directions. So I wonder how I can get more information on this dataset.

    Thanks so much in advance! Actually, I wonder if RICF is recruiting any volunteers.


    1. Dear Qingyan, thank you for your interest in our paper. Will write a letter to Simon and CC you, and will keep you posted about RICF. Ji

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