I organize the Data Science for Nonprofit Studies Lab (DSNS), a research group of RGK Center at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin. We focus on the applications of data science in nonprofit and philanthropic studies. These are some of the ongoing projects:

  • A machine-learning approach to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes and international comparative studies.
  • Knowledge production in nonprofit and philanthropic studies.
  • Power structure of the Chinese social and political space and power elites.

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Isha Kanani is currently pursuing MS in Information Studies from School of Information, UT Austin. She has carried out projects on machine learning algorithms and databases (SQL, MongoDB) in the past. Her current research work under Dr. Ji Ma involves data acquisition and analysis of NCCS datasets and IRS 990 forms, as well as the development of a classification algorithm. Isha plans to be a Data Scientist and implement her skills for product and business analysis in the future.

Yizhuo Li is a graduate student in the Information School of University of Texas at Austin. He focuses on data science and is always curious about the formation and development of society. He is helping Dr. Ma build the DSNS Lab. Besides work, Yizhuo exercises regularly. His favorite sport is swimming. Furthermore, Yizhuo loves to make new friends, so feel free to say “Hi”. His email is: isyizhuo.li@gmail.com.